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Primary Care Specialist

Sacred Heart Medical Group PC

Family Medicine & General Practitioners located in Greenbelt, MD

Primary care focuses on all the health services you may need during your entire lifetime, from the toddler years through later life. Partnering with a skilled primary care doctor means that you can feel confident that you’ll receive custom care tailored to your health history, your lifestyle, and other unique factors. At Sacred Heart Medical Group PC, Gabriel Oboite, MD, and his team offer comprehensive primary care services in Greenbelt, Maryland, helping kids, teens, and adults enjoy optimal health. Call or book an appointment online today to learn how our primary care services can benefit you and your family.

Primary Care Q&A

What is a primary care doctor?

A primary care doctor (sometimes called a primary care provider or PCP) is a doctor who has the training and expertise to treat an array of medical issues that affect the population in general. 

Primary care doctors are often the first person you see when you don’t feel well or want guidance on how to lead a healthier life. Because a primary care doctor is skilled in a broad array of medical issues, having a PCP on your healthcare “team” helps ensure that your care is always customized for your unique and evolving needs. 

What does a primary care doctor do?

Primary care doctors serve as your initial point of contact for virtually all your healthcare needs. As a leading PCP in Greenbelt, Maryland, Dr. Oboite works closely with each patient to:

  • Diagnose medical issues in their earliest stages
  • Recommend care and treatment on an individual basis
  • Provide preventive care
  • Manage chronic illnesses
  • Offer lifestyle guidance for optimal health
  • Recommend specialists when needed

Dr. Oboite also educates patients about their health to play a more proactive role in managing their wellness needs.

What happens at a primary care visit?

That depends on why you’re seeing Dr. Oboite. Every patient is different — and that means the team at Sacred Heart Medical Group PC will tailor every visit to your specific needs. 

For instance, a wellness exam might include a physical or other evaluations or tests to help you stay healthy. If you’re sick, Dr. Oboite may recommend lab tests to determine the cause of your illness, along with treatment to help you feel better.

When do I need to see a primary care doctor?

You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Oboite if you:

  • Need treatment for an illness
  • Have a chronic condition that needs ongoing care
  • Are experiencing unusual symptoms
  • Are seeking preventive care, including vaccines
  • Are due for your annual physical
  • Need a referral for a special test or evaluation
  • Want to learn about prenatal care

You can also schedule an office visit if you have health-related concerns or questions you’d like to discuss confidentially with Dr. Oboite.

Having a primary care provider is like having a healthcare concierge — someone you can turn to with all your health concerns, feeling confident you’ll receive personalized attention and treatment based on your unique needs. To schedule your office visit with Dr. Oboite, call Sacred Heart Medical Group PC or book an appointment online.