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STD Screening Specialist

Sacred Heart Medical Group PC

Family Medicine & General Practitioners located in Greenbelt, MD

Sexually transmitted diseases might be embarrassing — but they're also incredibly common. The CDC estimates about 20 million new infections are diagnosed every year in the United States. Without prompt treatment, many STDs can cause serious complications. Gabriel Oboite, MD, and the Sacred Heart Medical Group PC team offer confidential STD screening for a wide range of diseases, including herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Regular STD screening is important for anyone who’s sexually active. To schedule your screening, call the practice in Greenbelt, Maryland, or book an appointment online today.

STD Screening Q&A

What happens during STD screening?

The Sacred Heart Medical Group PC team utilizes different methods to screen for different types of STDs. Most STDs use blood tests for screening or urinalysis. 

In some cases, Dr. Oboite uses a swab to collect a material sample that he can evaluate under a microscope. Swab samples may be taken from:

  • The inside of the cheek
  • The inside of the cervix
  • The urethra
  • Any active sores in or near your genitals

Dr. Oboite is skilled in using the most appropriate screening methods based on each patient’s needs.

Why is screening so important?

Many STDs cause few or no noticeable symptoms early on. That means the infection can develop into something much more severe before you realize you have an STD.

And, of course, when you don’t know you have an STD, you can pass it to your partner without realizing it. Regular STD screening can detect even subtle changes associated with STD infections, which means screening protects your health and the health of your loved ones.

How often should I be screened for STDs?

The frequency of your STD screenings depends on many factors, including your gender, age, and sexual partners and habits. Below are the CDC recommendations.


The CDC recommends HIV screening for:

  • All teens and adults ages 13-64 at least once
  • All pregnant women once (early) during pregnancy

HIV screening is recommended every year or more often for:

  • Men who have sex with men 
  • Anyone who uses drugs and shares needles
  • Anyone who engages in risky sexual behavior

Gonorrhea and chlamydia

Annual testing is recommended for:

  • Sexually active women 24 years old and under
  • Sexually active women over 25 with risk factors (including new or multiple partners)

Men who have sex with men should be tested once a year or more frequently. Pregnant women at risk for infection should be tested early during their pregnancy.


All pregnant women should be tested early during their pregnancy. Men who have sex with men should be tested once a year or more frequently. 


All pregnant women should be tested for hepatitis B and C early during their pregnancy. Men who have sex with men and are living with HIV should be tested every year for hepatitis C.

If you’re sexually active, there’s a good chance you can benefit from regular STD screening. To learn more or to schedule a confidential screening appointment, call Sacred Heart Medical Group PC or book an appointment online.